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DoLS 2.0

The government’s decision to dust-gather LPS on the lower priority shelf of policy will please some but frustrate most. Why the human rights of hundreds of thousands of people with disability have not been prioritised is difficult to fathom. But silver linings help to mediate the pain from change of policy. So what might DoLS 2.0 look like using a non-legislative approach (aka ‘LPS’)?

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Draft Mental Health Bill 2022

Mental Health Reform Bill 2022

Proposed amendments for pre-legislative scrutiny

Explanatory Notes

To help understand the Bill

Impact Assessment

Estimates the cost of the proposed amendments

End of LPS-not-to-be

The government decided not to proceed with LPS without the lifetime of this Parliament and so whether it ever happens will be for the next government to decide. The updated impact assessment estimates there will be 279,000 new LPS applications per year. For further details see:
  • All the documents (eg draft Code, Regulations, workforce and training strategy, impact assessment): here
  • Easy reads: here
  • For Wales: here
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MCA-LPS Consultation Views

Public folder for the consultation in England

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