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Law Books

  • Chapter 9 ‘The tests for incapacity’ and chapter 10 ‘Care and treatment of those lacking decision-making capacity’ in Jean McHale and Judith Laing (eds), Principles of Medical Law (4th ed.) (2017), Oxford University Press.
  • ‘Psychiatric care and criminal prosecution’ in Medicine, Crime and Society (2013) Cambridge University Press.
  • Brazier, M., Allen, N., ‘Criminalising medical malpractice’ in Charles Erin and Suzanne Ost (eds), The Criminal Justice System and Health Care (2007) Oxford University Press.
  • Medical or managerial manslaughter?’ in Charles Erin and Suzanne Ost (eds), The Criminal Justice System and Health Care (2007) Oxford University Press.
  • Necessity, Incapability and Emergency’ in Steven Hedley and Margaret Halliwell (eds), The Law of Restitution (2002) Butterworths Common Law Series.

Legal Journals

  • Allen, N. et al, ‘Advance decisions to refuse treatment and suicidal behaviour in emergency care: ‘it's very much a step into the unknown’ (2019) 5(4) British Journal of Psychiatry 1.
  • Allen, N. et al, ‘The management of patients with an advance decision and suicidal behaviour: A systematic review’ (2019) British Medical Journal (open access).
  • Ruck-Keene, A., Bartlett, P., Allen, N., ‘Litigation friends or foes? Representation of P before the Court of Protection’ (2016) Medical Law Review 333-359.
  • ‘The (not so?) great confinement’ (2015) 5(1) Elder Law Journal 45-51.
  • ‘The Right to Life in a Suicidal State’ (2013) 36 International Journal of Law and Psychiatry 350–357.
  • Allen, N. and Prescott, A., ‘The opacity of sexual capacity’ (2012) 2(4) Elder Law Journal 352-357.
  • ‘Criminal Care: Ill treatment and wilful neglect’ (2012) 2 Elder Law Journal 71-75.
  • ‘Dare to care’ (2011) 1(2) Elder Law Journal 167.
  • ‘The Bournewood gap (as amended?)’ (2010) 18 Medical Law Review 78-85.
  • ‘First do no harm. Second save life?’ (2010) Journal of Mental Health Law 180-185.
  • David, T., Bray, S., Farrell, A.M., Allen, N., Ellson, S, ‘Fitness to practise procedures for undergraduate healthcare students’ (2009) 10 Education Law Journal 102-112.
  • ‘Saving life and respecting death: A Savage dilemma’ (2009) 17 Medical Law Review 262.
  • ‘Is capacity “in sight”?’ (2009) Journal of Mental Health Law 165-170.
  • ‘Restricting movement or depriving liberty?’ (2009) Journal of Mental Health Law 19-32.
  • ‘Protecting the suicidal patient’ (2008) Journal of Mental Health Law 93-100.
  • ‘A human right to smoke?’ (2008) New Law Journal 886-887.
  • ‘All in the mind?’ (2008) New Law Journal 848-849.
  • ‘Re-detention after recent discharge: A role for judicial review?’ (2007) 15 Medical Law Review 253-261.
  • ‘A call for order’ (2007) New Law Journal 241.
  • ‘Good faith or no faith?’ (2004) New Law Journal 1170.
  • ‘Dunnachie – the door closes.’ (2004) New Law Journal 1208.
  • ‘Family values’ (2001) 10 Family Law Journal 18.
  • ‘No need to know?’ (2001) 8 Family Law Journal 13.

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